Reach — Giving for the Lord, the Lost, and the Least

What is REACH?

God is calling us as a church to grow in generosity, and REACH is our response. REACH is a two-year initiative in which we will be praying and working to:

  • Grow in our total giving to the Lord, the Lost, and the Least. To help us do that, for the next two years, we are focusing our generosity into one fund—a single fund that includes our local ministries (REACH Up), new facility (REACH Out), and nations and compassion work (REACH Beyond). Each aspect of this one-fund budget is utterly focused on God’s call to Resurrection to be a Sanctuary of Transformation for the Lord, the Lost, and the Least.
  • Grow in the ability to talk about God’s generosity. At Resurrection, we’ve been blessed with the freedom to talk about life’s deepest hurts and healings. We would like to grow in our freedom to talk about generosity and what that looks like in our lives.
  • Grow in the percentage of people who are giving to God through Resurrection. We’d like to have 100% of our members and regular attendees participate. We want every single person to make a commitment to give to God through Resurrection. As that happens, we believe we will REACH our goal of $4.5 million to be given over two years
  • Will you join us in this amazing next chapter of Resurrection’s story?

Will we still have Good Friday Gift Day?

Yes. As part of our devotion during Holy Week, we will continue our Good Friday Gift, one offering per year to bless our global partners in Jos, Nigeria, and elsewhere. This is separate from whatever commitment you make to REACH.

What are you asking me to do?

  • Pray about it. First and foremost, we are asking you to pray and seek God’s leading on what he is asking of you. Spend time with God using the devotional material available on the website. You can download notes from Fr. Stewart’s sermons and a daily prayer guide at
  • Talk about it. Talk with your spouse, your children, your prayer cell, your friends at Resurrection. Discuss the sermons and read through testimonies on Talk about ways you could rearrange your lifestyle and budget to grow in generous for the sake of the Lord, the Lost, and the Least.
  • REACH for it. Complete your commitment card and bring that to Commitment Sunday on November 13. We invite you to be part of a historic day at Resurrection.

How long is my commitment?

Two years. We are asking everyone to make a two-year commitment, from December 2011 through November 2013.

What is the timeline?

Please mark your calendar for Commitment Sunday—November 13th—and prepare your commitment that you will offer to the Lord that day.

Then, on December 4, we will have First Fruits Sunday. This is when you will actually begin to give to fulfill your commitment. That day, we will give as significantly as possible toward our REACH commitments. We hope to receive as much as 10 percent of the total funds committed to REACH on the first day.

What if I want to give, but don’t see how I can?

As you talk with your family and friends, discuss creative ways you can rearrange your budget and lifestyle to expand your generosity. Are there regular things that you can fast from for a season in order to give more to God’s work through Resurrection? What about forgoing a vacation in the next two years and adding that to your giving? Your financial advisor may even be able to help you save money in other areas that can be directed toward generosity. 

Many of us may have the capacity to give from accumulated resources—blessings God provided for us in the past that may be used to give generously to his purposes and plans today. Stored resources could include stocks, valuables, or property to sell. Please contact Anne Kessler, Resurrection’s business manager, if you have specific questions (

Add up all of these areas and see how much you think you can give. Review the gifts chart on the next page to see how many gifts we need at each level to REACH our goal. Then pray and ask the Lord if he wants you to REACH even further.

Dan Easley, who’s leading our REACH initiative, recently shared with a group of leaders that during the Wagner Campaign, he thought of an amount to give that would be generous. Then, in prayer, he felt led to go beyond generosity to a sacrificial gift. And finally, as his wife, Lois, challenged him, they moved beyond sacrifice to a gift that could only be accomplished by faith. God filled the gap between what they knew how to give sacrificially, and the gift they felt called to in prayer. 

If you have questions, please ask any of the pastors, or email Dan Easley at

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